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Pensions and Retirement Planning In South Africa


One of the topics that we cover most frequently is that of pensions and retirement planning. We address the needs of local pension holders by covering topics such as pension annuities and choosing a financial advisor that can be trusted with your finances. We also focus on the macro economic perspective covering topics such as government involvement in pension plans, the tax implications of various investments and the pros and cons of making financial decision within a socialistic political framework such as South Africa.

Pension Options For Expats Living In South Africa


Many of our followers are expats and such we have developed a smaller section on the website that covers some of the financial instruments that can be used to reduce taxation requirements for pensioners as well as improving flexibility of said investments. Expect detailed reviews of QROPS, QNUPS and SIPPS as opportunities to maximise an international pension. Once again, we also focus on the importance of regulated, reputable information and guidance from financial advisors with experience in dealing with foreign pensions, in particular, UK pensions.

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