Biography of Afzul Rehman, Mayor of Newcastle Local Council, Newcastle South Africa

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Afzul_RehmanThis young achiever Afzul Farouk Rehman who was a brilliant student from his childhood, completed his schooling from Lincoln Heights Secondary School in 1991, which was illustrated through his dedication towards his schooling life, and after that, completed his further studies between 1992-1993 from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He was inclined towards his family business because he had to quit his studies, and in 1994, Rehman entirely devoted himself to taking care of the business.

He was talented, and because of this, he started taking the responsibilities wholly. Later in 1996, when Afzul Rehman was only 22 years then, he was appointed as the Ward Councillor of Newcastle Local Council to manage the operational activities. With his remarkable managing of the administrative task, he was able to prove to the public that he possessed this responsibility. However, in the starting, everybody had a notion that he was incapable of the post, along with the task and duty assigned to him.

In 1996, Afzul was selected as the councilor of the Umzinyathi District Municipality and continued to serve on the position until 2000, which was added in his list of achievements. While serving as the counselor, he gets a chance to find his place in the Member of the Executive committee Newcastle Council. Later on, Afzul Rehman got selected as the director of Community Services.

In 2000, with his outstanding and tremendous work, Afzul Rehman Newcastle got his most noteworthy achievement by getting appointed as the Deputy Chief Whip at the ANC Caucus. Later on, it was rightly said that he was known for his considerable work. Because of this, in 2004, Afzul attains everybody’s attention towards him by getting selected as a member of the Regional Executive Committee of ANC and work with wholeheartedness towards his responsibility till 2006.

In the 2007 year, this great personality got another chance to show his effort by getting elected as the Chairperson of the Local Labour Forum. Hence, he performs his duties very diligently until the year 2009. So, later on, everybody was impressed with his work that on 16th February 2009, he participated in the elections organized for the Deputy Mayor of Newcastle Local council. In 2010, he was appointed as the Mayor of Newcastle Local Council.

Afzul was a bright student, so he decided to pursue further studies in Public Administration through the University of Pretoria. Regarding his personal life, in 2005, Afzul got married to Farhana and is blessed with three kids’ i.e., Two sons, Mohammed Zia & Umar, and a daughter Maariya. Still, many people remembered this Afzul Rehman South Africa for his intellectual work. For many of us, Rehman’s easy work proves that he was equally devoted and dedicated to his family the way he was towards his social duties. Afzul is a truly inspiring person because he becomes the mayor at the youngest age with the immense faithfulness to serve the nation wholeheartedly.

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