Hendrick Kganyago Explains What Is the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Mentor?

What Is the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Mentor

Hendrick Kganyago – Business owners usually wonder what the difference between a business mentor and a business coach is.

Working with a Business Mentor

The business mentor has already been exactly where you are right now. Their field of experience is the same as yours. They offer fast-tracking of your business growth in addition to guidance, support, and maybe friendship.

In most cases, a personal connection may develop between the mentor and the owner since mentors are usually the owners’ role models who help them to reach their business goals.

Some of the benefits of working with a business mentor include:

  • Gaining an Outside Perspective

Business owners are usually close and emotional about their businesses and cannot see the full picture of what is really happening.

It is helpful to get an outside perspective of your business situation since business owners usually are so involved and overwhelmed with work to the extent that they cannot figure out what areas that need more work.

  • Helping You to Reach Higher

Business mentors usually do things for business owners that they would not do for themselves. When there is a business mentor, the business owner usually tries to do more work. Since they know that during being mentored they have to report their results, business owners try to go the extra mile and exceed the expectations.

Working with a Business Coach

Business coaches usually take different approaches since they are experts in providing help and guidance in certain performance areas.

Business coaches help people to get through the challenges in their way. They also hold business owners accountable for their business success and provide them with all their experiences and methods to make them ahead in their businesses.

Hendrick Kganyago says that on the other hand, it is crucial to understand that many business coaches can be self-appointed experts. Some coaches say that they are very knowledgeable and successful, yet they have the same experiences and skills you have. These coaches usually talk about their accomplishments without providing you with new skills or real experiences to help you succeed.

Your business coach will help you to uncover your hidden and natural talents. After working with a coach, your individual skills, capabilities, and behavior should change and become more positive. When you develop yourself, you will understand the actions you need to do to move in the right direction in order to achieve your business goals.

Working with a business coach is slightly different from working with a mentor. Your mentor may become your friend. Coaches are more of guides. They will provide you with more objective opinions, promote your networking opportunities, help you to be more strategic, improve your personality and leadership styles, and uncover your hidden talents.

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