Reasons Why You Should Use Video to Promote Your Business

Reasons Why You Should Use Video to Promote Your Business

We all have heard the saying that an image is worth a 1000 words, right? So just imagine the power of multiple pictures put together with sound! Videos are now one of the best ways to convey any message in a simple yet effective manner. It helps not only in engaging with the audience in a better way but it also supports sales and drives more of them to your business. The future is definitely video and there is no way that video content is going to go back in the dusty pages of history. It is important to make your own videos and be creative with them. Biteable video maker and video editor is one of the best ways that you can create a wonderful and attractive video for FREE. It is very important for online businesses these days to consider promoting their business via videos and you can make videos with Biteable in a very smart and quick manner, without any hassle.


There are several reasons as to why one should use videos to promote their business and we rounded up some of them for you below. These help you in promoting your business efficiently and also increases sales. Here is the power of a promotional video and how it can help you in reaching out to more people.


Majority of the people you are trying to attract, adore videos. It is really normal these days that people tend to watch videos on their phones, tablets and computers etc. latest research shows that more than half of the smartphone users, prefer watching videos on their phones rather than reading written content. PC users or people who utilize their laptop more are the ones who usually read through the content. Thus, you have to keep in mind that both the audiences are important to reach out and you don’t want to miss out on the majority which admires videos.


The research supports this a lot and it has been proved that businesses who have videos of their services and products, on their websites, are considered more credible for the audience. They are more reliable and people can trust them easily. 71% of people also say that a video leaves a very professional and positive impact on the viewer and they tend to set a reputable impression of the company, in their mind.


Videos are considered extremely helpful for people who love shopping online and studies have proven it too. Promotional videos usually show a person all about a product or service and how it is used for their benefit. This boosts the chances of the customer to actually buy the product. This is obviously going to bring in more sales and enhance the company’s profit. Therefore, videos are a great medium to gain more customers and grab their attention for long terms.


Videos are capable of driving more sales, even if a lot of people are not viewing it. Video is the representation of the fact that the brand or company s extremely confident about the product or service they are offering you. You are showcasing all the details of the product to them in a human manner and that builds up confidence in the customer even if he or she does not watch it. You are also putting up a positive image of your business in front of the customer which nudges them to buy your product.


Video marketing has gathered a lot of attention. You can get the video maker software here as the Biteable video maker and video editor helps you in creating some of the best and most creative videos for your website. There are a lot of inbuilt templates in Biteable video maker and this gives you the freedom to create whatever you wish to, with a wide variety of designs. You can get your hands on the templates here

So what are you waiting for? Download video maker and start creating magical videos to promote your business and take it up a notch.

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