How Does SEO Work for your Business?

How Does SEO Work

SEO is a very important tool to increase the visibility of your business website. If you are currently in the business world, SEO will bring you more traffic and that means there will be many customers or buyers.

SEO optimizes websites so that people can find them using certain keywords.

Here are some of the benefits that this optimization method offers:

  • Provide relevant information.
  • Make search engines a reliable source.
  • Bring in more organic traffic.

Although the search results can appear right away, the process that occurs in a search engine is not as simple as one might imagine. Even search engines run before you type anything in the search field and hit the Enter key.

Below, we will describe how search engines work.

There are three main tasks that search engines perform for each submitted query or search:

  • This process takes place at an early stage. Crawling will collect information from across the website – from one page to another, from one link to another.
  • After gathering information, the web crawler will save it in the entry list: index.
  • The ranking results will be displayed sequentially, based on the most suitable search.

To ensure the quality of searches, search engines use a set of rules called algorithms.

Search engine algorithms ensure internet users get relevant information from trusted sources or sources.

As a popular and widely used search engine, Google has a dedicated team that focuses entirely on algorithms. This team is responsible for improving the quality of the user experience (experience and satisfaction of internet users) when using Google.

Sometimes Google calls its algorithm by a special name. For example, Panda is an algorithm that deals with filtering, penalizing, and rewarding content, while Penguin is an algorithm for preventing spamdexing. Finally, there is the Hummingbird which will improve the quality of the two algorithms.

So, it is clear now that website content is a very important point for Google.

Have you ever heard of page authority?

Page authority is a scoring system developed by Moz, ranging from 1 to 100, to predict the ranking of websites on search engines. This system will help you understand what qualifications search engines use to determine the best search results.

You can use the link explorer to check page authority. Enter the URL you wish to check for analysis results. The information obtained from link analysis will be very useful for you to improve the quality of your website.

Get into SEO

For those who are not or not familiar with SEO, it will definitely be difficult to understand it. Fortunately, there are many resources that can be used:

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs blog has a huge collection of SEO articles that are not only aimed at novice users but also professional ones. In addition, the content is always updated with the latest SEO methods.

  • MOZ

Founded in 2004, MOZ is an SEO software maker. The MOZ blog is equipped with various articles about online marketing and how to implement SEO.

  • Search Engine Journal

This website offers a myriad of SEO articles and guides. Not only about SEO, Search Engine Journal also publishes articles on content writing. There is also a news area that discusses the latest information or updates on SEO.

While you’re deep into SEO, it’s a good idea to do a number of tests or checks, so many seo tools out there to do this.

Although most of the tips and tricks are useful, they still give different results when applied. The reason is none other than the search engine algorithms that are always changing.

What’s more, SEO optimization methods that work on other people’s websites may not necessarily provide the same results for your website.

Continue to explore what SEO is, how SEO works, and how to implement it. Don’t be afraid to try or even explore every SEO optimization method available.

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