2020 Yuhuan Export Online Fair (West Africa – Auto Parts)

2020 Yuhuan Export Online Fair

In response to the influence and challenges caused by COVID-19, “United Asia International Exhibition Group” actively responds to the call of Yuhuan Bureau of Commerce to launch a series of “2020 Yuhuan Export Online Fairs”, which facilitate manufactures to stabilize orders, guarantee the market share and expand the market in a convenient and efficient way, and promote the image of “Yuhuan City”.

“2020 Yuhuan Export Online Fair (West Africa-Auto Parts)” integrates the Online Exhibition Platform of Matchup Expo, which has been developed by “UAEC Group” for many years, the Buyer Resources accumulated in the professional physical exhibition of “West Africa International Textile Industry Fair”, the Channel and Member resources of contracted West African industrial Associations, supplemented by directional inviting and accurate match -making by professional West African Operation Teams, while introducing virtual negotiation, 3D, big data, AI application scenarios, and taking the “Special Virtual Business Talk + 365 Days Perennial Display” mode to provide digital solutions for manufactures and importers, to further online expo to 24 hours in 365 days.

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Yuhuan Export Fair

Based on Auto Parts Nigeria, with great support and recommendation of Chinese government, we have rounded up 50 selected high-quality suppliers from Zhejiang Province where it’s famous for premium Auto Parts products. Via online registration and 3D showcase, you can get in touch with various sharp goods at a time at home! Our online fair facilitate your business by providing an online B2B match-making platform where you can enjoy Online Registration, Match-making, 3D Products Display, Reservations and virtual “Face-to-Face” Business Talking directly!

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