Why Do You Need a Photo Booth at Your Matric Dance?

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Can’t contain your excitement for this year’s matric dance? Well, we can understand why and trust us when we say that we are equally thrilled for you. We want you to have a great time and most importantly, push you to make the night a memorable one where all the pleasant moments you collect will be accommodated together in a pristine album of reminiscences to be cherished for the rest of your lives.

As we all know that matric dance, just like the American prom is a ritual for the students in the final year of high school and justifiably, one of the most awaited events. While gearing up for the same, we think, opting for a photo booth hire at the site of the affair is not just essential but, mandatory and we have a set of reasons to elucidate this proposition.

High-quality pictures

We are certain that all of you will nod along with us when we say that even though the matric dance is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you will give it everything to revive those instants time and again. Instead of using your selfie camera that might not perform as brilliantly in the shimmery lights as it would in the sun, head to the photo booth and click as many pictures as you want regardless of the strength of illumination. Besides branded prints, you will also have access to high-quality props complementing your mood and spirit of the matric dance thereby, adding a little extra dose of oomph to your pictures.

Let go of your mobile phone

The truth that carrying your mobile phone and camera all through the matric just for the sake of clicking a picture is nothing less than trepidation doesn’t have to be highlighted in bold for us to realize it. Ditch all your devices and move around hassle-free because, the good news is, with photo booth hire you will have booth stewards appointed at the stands to capture the frames. You can tell them whenever you and your group are ready to get clicked and the perfect moment will be duly snapped. What makes it all the more interesting is the fact that you can add filters to the pictures without spending hours on the editing apps supported by smartphones which eventually ruin the quality of the photos as opposed to enhancing them.

Limitless prints

No matter how many pictures are clicked on such happening nights like the matric dance, you never seem to get enough of it and we are with you on this. In a photo booth, you will be rendered with limitless prints for your photographs and will also have the chance of saving the files in a flash drive to be published later. What else? There are super quirky GIFs and Boomerangs available on the catalog of the photo booth rental to choose from, which when uploaded on your social media sites are guaranteed to attract more likes and comments than ever before.

What else are you waiting for? Get in touch with a photo booth hire to transform your matric dance to one of the most impressive events.

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