5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go onto the Dark Web

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go onto the Dark Web

There aren’t many dangers happening on the DEEP web, but the DARK web is another story. The dark web is a small part of the deep web where hacking groups, criminals, and killers prowl.

Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t go onto the dark web;

Reason 1 – There’s Nothing Good There

You might think about the deep web as this bonanza of tricks that are just waiting to be discovered, but actually, it’s not. Most of the deep web is heavily encrypted to keep hackers out, so if you’re anticipating to simply stumble onto a top-secret federal government task or even just a politician’s naughty e-mails, you’re going to be very dissatisfied.

The closest you’ll ever get are the Dox sites, where the info of celebs (such as their address, social security number, etc) has been published, but if you even manage to discover a Dox site that’s still practical, the info you find will generally be outdated by a minimum of a couple of years (but why would you wish to access that details anyway). Sure, there’s also plenty of torrent websites and other pirate sites, but you can easily find those on the surface web.

Reason 2 – It’s Very Unsafe

The individuals who dwell on the dark web do prohibited stuff. They know who are newcomers to their website and guaranteeing them this incredible hacking tool, only to discreetly install an infection to your site along with it.

Reason 3 – Phishing Scams

We’re all familiar with how phishing scams deal with the regular web. And if you’re semi-computer-literate, you probably back yourself not to get caught out.

On the dark web, it’s much easier to fall victim due to the way web addresses look. Worse still, in some instances, the phony sites aren’t just duplicating their intended targets– they been shown to be proxies for the genuine sites. In practice, that suggests they can carry out man-in-the-middle attacks and either take or customize information as it passes through the fake site.

Reason 4 – Red Rooms

Dark web red rooms are thought to be darknet websites where individuals can view live interactive abuse, rape, or murder.

Red rooms are thought to contain explicit abuse content subjected by an admin who receives guidelines from paying audiences. Basically, red rooms operate in a comparable way like auctions just that auctions aren’t about torturing individuals. Users will pay to watch abuse online while the admin does whatever the highest bidder wants to be done to the captive. Scary!

Reason 5 – Exit Scams

Exit scams take place when a seller stops shipping products but continues to take orders and money.

Since the items sold on the dark web are typically unlawful (guns, drugs, and so on) and payments are made in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the buyer has no opportunities for redress or payment.

Some of the most famous exit frauds on the dark web consist of Olympus Market and Empire in September 2018, and the Evolution darknet market in 2015. The owners of the Evolution market supposedly walked away with more than $12 million in Bitcoins that remained in escrow.

The dark web, as I have noted, homes harmful individuals. There are unlawful deals that decrease per hour. Offering human organs and drugs, taking credit card info, creating fake identities… These men clearly do not play by any rules. So, who’s to tell them it’s off-limits to go to your home?

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