Review: QacQoc GN22B Premium USB-C Hub


Inside the box, well crammed, in a super ergonomic rigid foam protection (in fact in the video I have difficulty removing the usb c hub from the pack… ahahah), we find this beautiful hub (which actually usb c hub is not…. and after you understand why)… Thumb up

Below, on the bottom of the box, you will find an instruction booklet and a beautiful bag well made and very delicate, really useful to store the USB C hub after use… thumbs up

It’s the first time I use a USB C HUB with HDMI output and I have to say I was really happy, indeed super happy… The results obtained with this product are very good.

I will illustrate in detail this product and my impressions after use, because I have tested it for real and for this I wanted to make a video, just to make you appreciate the goodness of the product.

The QacQoc GN22B USB C HUB: I begin by listing the ports of which it is equipped and what they are used for:

2 x USB-A 3.0, personally I tried both and I connected both storage media (pen drive USB 3.0 and 2.0) that a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse… zero Hitch;

1 x USB-C, I used it to connect my Lumia to the PC, to see if the port on the hub, in addition to providing a USB communication also provided “power”… what to say, I loaded my entire smartphone without the hub, or the PC, suffered from Overheating or various disconnections.

1x HDMI port, Fantastic… Friday morning, I made a presentation in the office with my only smartphone, thanks to this HDMI port… thumbs up

The size of the usb c hub is definitely contained, 10.8 x 2.7 x 1 cm, with a weight of about 110 gr… personally having to carry, a “cascione” of 17 “notebook… because of its weight I call it Notebbbook, Ahahah… even if it was weighed 1kg I would not have changed anything , but when I discovered what I can do with my smartphone I really gave “weight to weight”… excuse the pun.


The product has a metal body, I think it is anodized aluminum, which makes it beautiful and especially beautiful “male”… what to say, is of excellent workmanship, the materials used are excellent and does not present “anomalous” parts… often I happened to find the edges not Finished and therefore sharp, but fortunately not in this case. I must say it is also well assembled, in fact it passed the first Test… the “Creak test” with gentlemen results, the noises were… 0, nothing, nada, absolutely nothing… so super result… double thumbs up.

For those who do not know, with everyday objects, or in any case with gadgets that I carry behind, I always do this test, i.e. I take the product in my hands and begin to tighten the presa…se I begin to hear squeaks or strange noises, carry them back in Reviewed.

From the point of view of the mechanical outlet, offered by USB ports and HDMI port… nothing to say, the graft is great and the socket is well soldered, even the plug USB-C, male, once connected to the PC/smartphone, never gave me the feeling that he wanted to “get Away” , although during the first Test (as you can see in the video) connected it to the PC to “cat tail”, not to say to… “Reproductive apparatus” of dog… ahahah

Aside from the jokes, I repeat, Friday morning I made a presentation with this device and the smartphone and I did not have the slightest problem…

Let’s pass the test real… as you can see in the video I connected the USB C HUB to a Windows PC… small parenthesis, get from the head that the USB-C port is present only on PCs with the “Apple with the hub”… it worked ASAP, perfect Plug & Play, as well as the Recognition of the video projector connected to the HUB, immediately in the Control Panel window I appeared the second monitor.

I finally tried to connect it to my Lumia 950XL… and I didn’t believe in my eyes… for the smartphone is as if I had connected a continuum… ie, I turned, in all respects, my smartphone in a PC with Windows 10, the difference lies in the fact that :

Continuum, costs €100 is a little bigger and needs to be fed, so in addition to the same continuum you have to carry behind a alimentatore…ma in his favor tell you that the smartphone recharges through the continuum..

HUB, it costs just under 50 €… half to mean the continuum… has greater transportability and full compatibility.

In Good substance I tell you that the product is excellent and well made and at a cost more than accessible, especially for what it offers, is a professional product…. practically 5 stars. I have not found any defects, so I feel recommend especially to those who, like me, for work must often make presentations in power point with duration less than a few hours… the only limit is imposed by the battery life (although I think a power Bank can connect, but honestly I have not tried) of the smartphone…

The only drawback found lies in the length of the cable with the USB-C connector, I do not say that it served shorter or more lungo…ma I would have preferred that there was not really, in the sense that, I think it was better to make a USB-C female port on the USB C HUB and give in paired a Small prolong… at least one is free to connect the cable he wants and above all would have made the HUB… although for me now is a continuum.. Easier to keep, or better it was safer, without the fear that the cable could break.

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