Your Guide To Continuous Inkjet Printing

Your Guide To Continuous Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printers are used in most homes and offices but there is another printing solution called continuous inkjet or CIJ printing that is the leading technology for production printing. But what exactly is CIJ printing and why are continuous inkjet printers preferred for commercial and industrial applications?

What is CIJ printing?

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing involves ink that is pumped from a reservoir and ejected through a nozzle. This process creates a jet of ink that is broken up through high-frequency vibration into a large number of droplets that are ejected from the print head onto the product to create a message.

CIJ printers are used to provide consistent product marking and coding. They are designed to offer a cost-efficient way of printing accurate variable data including batch codes, expiry dates, and barcodes on production lines for traceability purposes and for complying with industry legislation. CIJ printers can code onto most materials.

What is Videojet?

Videojet specialises in marking solutions and coding equipment used for a large range of print needs for commercial and industrial businesses. Inkjet technology is one of Videojet’s specialised fields.

How do Videojet printers work?

Videojet’s continuous inkjet technology is designed for a variety of applications. These solutions make printing in small areas and printing in multiple locations on one product at the same time possible. It also allows for print configuration within specified parameters. The range includes:

  • High-speed CIJ printers

These printers are designed to keep up with elevated line speeds without compromising print quality.

  • Medium-duty CIJ printers

These continuous inkjet printers produce optimal performance throughout multiple production runs.

  • Light-duty CIJ printers

These printers are easy to operate and designed with the proven Videojet printhead and fluid systems.

  • Specialty CIJ printers

Videojet’s speciality printers were designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, including unusual configuration and ultra-high speeds.

Videojet’s marking and coding solutions can be carried out on plastic, paper, metal, glass, and other materials. The continuous inkjet printers can print at most speeds in any orientation. They can also be used with a range of inks, including low evaporation, low taint, and a variety of colours.

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