How To Effectively Plan Your SEO Campaign

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So we are in 2017 and many of the companies, entrepreneurs and SEO experts are planning out new strategies for ranking of their websites on the top of the search engines. Many of them are going for the old and proven strategies which have been successful for them so far. But before planning out the strategies for this year you should surely consider what the no. 1 search engine in the world Google is planning to do. As we all know that Google can come up with its new updates this year. So you will have to plan your strategies according to that or else you would be facing problems later.

Here are some of the tasks you can do to avoid your rankings from getting spoiled by the new Google updates-
Focus on updating your site regularly with quality content which will go viral-Google loves those sites which are regularly updating their sites with good quality content which are proving useful for its visitors and will definitely rank your site on the first page consistently. If you are an affiliate marketer and was focusing more on the niche sites or the micro niche sites try to write more content about the keywords related to them.

Do SMM (Social Media Marketing)-We all know that Social Media nowadays plays a key role for getting your traffic. So, you must do SMM this year because it will not only generate traffic for your site but it will also help you rank in the top of the search engines. Google will also focus on the number of likes, shares and comments your site will be getting from the Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and knowing that your site is popular, will rank your site.

SEO Link BuildingMake your site Mobile friendly-Making your site mobile friendly will definitely be beneficial for you as in 2017 the amount of traffic that you will be getting from the mobile devices will be huge. Google will also like it.
Optimize your website loading speed-Your website speed is a huge factor for SEO in 2017. Use quality hosting and CDN to speed up your website loading speed. Visitors can bounce from your page if it is too slow. Thus, resulting in loss after all your other investments.

Influencer Marketing-It was in the trends in 2016 and also it will help you in 2017. As it is the best way to get backlinks, traffic and exposure without getting penalized by penguin or whatever updates Google comes out.

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