Pay Monthly Website Design Packages in South Africa

Monthly Website Design Packages

Every small business owner and startup are aware of the importance of their web presence. Website design, hosting & maintenance can be daunting, time-consuming endeavours. The simple reality is that SME’s and most startups who can achieve great benefits from strong web presence can rarely spare the manpower or upfront capital to launch and sustain their greatest marketing tool.

One of the greatest advantages of website pay monthly contracts is that the provider bears most of the risk. The developer waives the large upfront development fees in lieu of a consistent, monthly payment. The SME or startup has a minimal out-of-pocket expense and can budget the cost of the site each month, in line with additional promotional activity. As long as the monthly payments are made, the site remains active and promotes your business online.

The functions of these web design Johannesburg packages are broad and diverse. Any reasonable application can be deployed to ensure that the customer receives a bespoke site that attracts clients and prospective customers to the site.

In keeping with the premise that each business site should be unique and not cut from a “one size fits all” mould, the SME or startup will have as much input into the creation of the site as is required. Pay monthly websites can be anything from modern one-page sites, to traditional multi-page sites and can include many bespoke features.

Monthly Web Design Packages

We work closely with the client to create a bespoke site that meets all their specific needs – every customer is different. The client will have numerous feedback sessions and will be consulted about all design elements, and the design team will only make recommendations after he or she has heard the specifics.

Most new websites consist of a typical 5 page structure:

  • Home – Welcome page with mission statement, your company logo/image and a prominent call to action.
  • About – A history of the enterprise and introduction to key team members.
  • Products/Services – Images and content describing the company’s products and/or services. This page can be linked with e-commerce functionality or portfolio items.
  • Contact – Clear, concise contact information for specific departments.
  • Location – This page can include directions and Google maps.

Additional pages and content can be added and customised to meet the client’s specifications. Adjustments to the site or to specific pages can be made anytime during the contract.

For many businesses, the website can become an income stream. The developer can implement everything needed to transact business on the spot. Usually, this includes configuring and installing a shopping cart and checkout centre with credit card options. Other, less intense, platforms can be designed. The idea is that the website represents exactly how the client wants to do business and display products or services.

Responsive Web Design

Content Management Systems

Pay monthly contracts allow the owner several options. The owner can agree to a plan that specifically considers outsourcing content and the volume of outsourced content to be uploaded in the course of a month. Usually, the client can select content titles, although the developer may have search engine optimisation (SEO) suggestions. Or, the developer can allow the client to post content independently with a username and password via a content management system.

AD: List of Areas Specializing in Website Design

Always remember that content is king when it comes to generating traffic and building a following!


Pay monthly website providers agree to provide 24/7/365 support for any issues that affect the site. Providers usually issue contact details, including Skype addresses to their clients.


There are different levels of hosting packages available worldwide, but always be sure to choose a hosting provider that is based in your country for practical and technical benefits. Super cheap hosting isn’t worth the savings when things go wrong!

Social Media

Pay monthly contracts allow for social media flexibility, enabling our team to create social profiles and links for your website so that each post is distributed into the prolific world of social media. All business websites should be supported by social media that can drive customers to your site.

Website development can range from three to twelve weeks. This typically includes the uploading of content and images for the number of pages the client chooses.

Once the provider knows all the options the site requires, the client will be presented with a pay monthly contract offer. This contract permits SMEs and startups a fast and economical way to establish a vibrant and substantial online presence. If you know your enterprise is not performing to its full potential, now is the time to beef up your marketing efforts. Consider a pay monthly website design provider, including SEO and hosting services.

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