A Review of Ubanker – The Leading South African Forex Brokerage Firm

Ubanker in SouthAfrica - best forex broker

Over the years, the Forex Industry has earned for itself mixed feelings from many quarters. While some see the industry as a money-spinning one, others have instead come to see it as a money-losing one. The second category of people is usually those who have, at one time or another, fallen prey to the industry’s unscrupulous operators.

In short, they are usually those that have once been scammed either by shady Forex brokers or by self-acclaimed gurus. Perhaps, the most significant of Forex scams are the ones perpetrated by shady brokers. For this reason, you should do comprehensive research before you choose a broker. Here is a review of uBanker, the South African brokerage firm that seeks to protect traders from fraud.


With uBanker, you are safe. You and your funds. uBanker maintains a high level of ethical standards in discharging its business operations. It is a proud bearer of the eTrust seal. Moreover, it secures its trading systems with SSL 128-bit encryption. This arrangement ensures that there is always an additional layer of security for its clients’ privacy and online transactions.

Customer Support Service

The usual complaint of Forex traders, especially newbies, about their brokers is poor customer support services. Their observations range from the sheer unfriendliness and unresponsiveness of the customer support agents of those brokers. uBanker came into the industry bearing this in mind and with a pristine desire to solve it. Little wonder that the broker has always scored high in this regard.

Its dedication to its clients is made obvious by the treatment they get from the first day. When you want to open an account with uBanker, you have a team of experts all to you to help you solve any challenges you may come across. This team ensures that you have a helping hand all through the process and till when you start trading.

The team includes personal trainers, account managers, and support agents. Moreover, you can always communicate your complaints, inquiries, suggestions, and recommendations to the company through its customer support channels. These include an email, a phone number, and a live chat. Customer support service is available 24 hours for 6 days a week.

Trading Platform and Resources

Instead of the MT4 trading platform, uBanker uses PROfit and for good reasons. The PROfit trading platform is user-friendly and easily customizable. Whether you are inexperienced, or you are well-versed in financial markets, uBanker’s trading platforms have been designed to cater to all classes of traders irrespective of the level of experience.

Consequently, beginner traders will find them easy to use, while experienced traders will find the wide array of research and analysis tools extremely useful for their trades too. Also, uBanker’s trading platforms come in both web-based and mobile forms. The web-based PROfit platform has a simple interface and facilitates your traders either in your home or the comfort of your office. It offers instant access to your trading account and one-click order execution advantages.

The mobile version is available for both Android and iOs, and it seeks to make trading as easy and convenient as it can. With it, you can trade anywhere, anytime. Also, you can easily keep up with new developments in the market and act on them as they occur. By using the uBanker mobile trading platform, you will be having the financial markets in your hands! The mobile app, therefore, gives you the benefits of being able to trade anywhere, keep up with daily market updates, and instantly execute your trades.

Deposit and Withdrawal

uBanker’s payment methods are easy and safe. It enables payments via many popular channels including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bank Wire Transfer, and Skrill. All your payments are 3D protected, and all, except with Bank Wire Transfer, are instantly processed.

Withdrawing funds from uBanker is as easy as depositing. Also, you can use almost any of the methods you used for depositing. However, before your withdrawal can be processed, your method must correspond to the deposit method you used. As a plus, ubanker is unlike many brokers who charge withdrawal fees.

Diversified Investment Portfolio

uBanker has a diversified investment product portfolio. Its clients can trade numerous investment products such as over 30 currency pairs, CFDs on indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. These products cut across a wide range of asset classes.

Interestingly, uBanker does not just offer those products. It teaches about them, too. uBanker offers a self-study course that teaches you essential trading topics such as fundamental factors that impact the market, different tools and techniques and types of charts. If you diligently study those courses, you will have a seamless entry into the Forex world.

Also, while trading those investment products, uBanker ensures that you are protected from losses on your first 5 to 15 trades. Furthermore, you have the benefit of a demo account to try out your trading skills before you go live on them.

Charges and Rates

uBanker’s charges and rates are attractive. First, with as low as $200, you can become a proud uBanker account owner! Plus, it offers the standard type of account on which you have access to the maximum leverage of 1:200. That literally means that with a uBanker account, you can control an account that is 200 times larger than the funds you deposited. Consequently, your potential for profitability is boosted!

Add to these the low trading charges and you will agree uBanker is the broker you’ve been looking for.


uBanker’s motto “Take control of your finances. Learn to invest like bankers do” almost says it all. With uBanker, you will be taking control of your finances. You will be in charge. And by learning to invest using the way that bankers have been using over the years, you will be able to become financially free.

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