When to Consider Using a Tree Felling Company

When To Consider Using A Tree Felling Company
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Tree felling is the process of cutting down individual trees. The need arises to remove a tree for local authorities for homes suffering from structural damage or remove a tree from a public space.

Health Issues

Tree felling is the action of cutting down a tree to prevent the spread of disease and improve safety in the area. It is very dangerous if not carried out quickly – as such; this type of work must be carried out by a professional tree feller.

So, why do trees sometimes need to be felled?


Diseased and dying trees pose a threat for all life surrounding it, if you see a decaying tree in your area then its best to call a tree felling company ASAP. Because that tree will be harmful to the humans in the area and can cause harm or even extinction of the species of other kinds of trees surrounding it. So the best solution for a dying, dead or diseased tree is to get it removed to lower the risk of it causing harm to the surrounding life.

It’s best to call professional tree fellers (SEE: tree felling Randburg) as early as possible so that they can assess the situation and decide what should be done with that tree. Some trees only have infected branches which can be trimmed and things will be fine, but sometimes trees may be infected or diseased beyond redemption so the best option then will be tree felling.

Unsuitable Locations

The security of the tree itself should also be taken under consideration, i.e., trees might be unsuitable for the location they are in, whether this is due to subsidence issues or if the insurance company recommends felling to reduce risk of subsidence.

Subsidence occurs when the tree is planted very close to a building; the roots of the trees may make their way into the foundation of the building. The power of nature is second to none. Trees can easily damage the foundations and walls of humanmade buildings, causing mass damage, so it will be best if a tree is felled if it is near a building.

Visual Considerations

While the main reason for tree felling is predominantly for safety purposes, in some cases, trees are cut down for beautifying reasons or due to lack of light. Many disputes which break out between neighbors is due to the wrongful felling of trees. As such, it’s worth calling a professional tree felling company to decide the fate of a tree which comes in the way of your beautiful neighborhood.

It should be noted that a tree cannot be trimmed, felled, lopped, or uprooted without prior permission from local authorities. A professional tree feller is well aware of this, so it’s best to contact a company before being the judge and jury on the fate of a tree.

Randburg Tree Felling

With a wealth of industry experience, the Randburg tree felling company has the necessary skills and tools to ensure the safe and efficient completion of any project. It is a company based in South Africa with professional tree fellers who know their way around if a tree needs trimming or felling.

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