What are the Benefits of Having a Parental Control Software?

What are the benefits of having a Parental control software

Parental control software is basically a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap between parents and their kids in the communication technology era. It’s impossible to control and monitor what and how your kids use their tablets, smartphones, or PC all the time. In other hands, such technologies are inevitable and useful for communication and even education.

Spyzie is a prominent parental control app which could be the best example to explain the benefits of parental control software.

1.Location Tracking

Once you and your children are in different places due to certain circumstances, you definitely want to know where they are. Spyzie parental control software allows you to locate and track your kids. There are also chances to set the notifications as they’re entering area/places they’re not supposed to be.

2.Call Management

Parental control software allows you to get the call logs from your kid’s devices along with the details. By knowing the number, name, call duration, missed call, and even image of the callers. These will make your mind peaceful while also still alert to response any suspicious calls on your kids’ phones.

3.Text Messaging Spying

Like tracking calls, parental control software allows you to get details of text messages sent or received by your kids’ phones. It’s more like spying than monitoring (which is good), by knowing message contents, the sender, time and date, you can a wider chance to response treating messages.

4.Effective Social Media Monitoring

If call and text tracking seem to be easier to control, Social Media is at a different level.  The social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Line, Instagram, and others have more comprehensive features, make it impossible to monitor and control manually. Parental control software can deal with such environments, it can inform and notify you of most of your kids’ activities in social media platforms.

5.Mobile or Desktop Browsing Monitoring

You certainly want to know what information, photos, videos, pages, sites your kids access with their gadgets. Since it’s impossible to monitor the display 24/7 in person, parental control software provides you an access to view the details of your kids browsing information including the address, contents, date/time, and so forth.

6.App and/or Site Blocking

Monitoring and spying aren’t the only forces, you can also block app or sites inappropriate for your kids. If they’re already installed, then you can simply uninstall them from the parental control software dashboard. It gives you a greater access to control the contents of your kids’ mobile internet activities.

7.Contents and Files Tracking

It’s also possible to track a more specific activity of your kids on the internet. For example, you can check any contents including pictures, videos, or audios clicked by your kids even though they didn’t download it to their devices.

These parental control software benefits are fully featured in Spyzie. It even features more advanced features with reasonable plan prices. You can get a special discount with this new Spyzie discount coupon here. Finally, Spyzie is highly recommended for you who look for a reliable Parental Control Software. It’s compatible for any devices with Android and iOS, try Spyzie now.

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