What Are The Best South African Gold Coins To Invest In?

What Are The Best South African Gold Coins To Invest In?

Coin collectors famously focus on Britain and the United States for coin collecting. Many other countries produce their own coins with great significance in history. South Africa has many rare and exotic coins that are worth investing in. The country is a former British territory. More recent history involves a strong mining community and apartheid. Many of the coins reflect the country’s strong history. Still, there are many unique features to South African coins. They are gorgeous and popular with rare coin collectors.

The Krugerrand is known for its simplicity in design. It has been produced since 1967 and is still quite valuable. It has about eight percent copper to increase durability. One advantage is that this coin is quite easy to sell due to high demand. The Krugerrand comes in two types, a bullion coin, and a proof coin. The proof coin is rarer and therefore is more expensive. Many people have become creative with their use of the coin. Some have made a ring with these coins on top. In terms of the design, these coins have the national animal on them. This animal is the Springbok Antelope. The other side of the gold krugerrand coin has Paul Kruger on it. He was the first president of South Africa and also the only one. Unlike some coins around the world, this coin is only minted in South Africa.

The South African Sovereign is similar to the sovereign coins in Britain. It dates back about six hundred years, to when South Africa was under British rule. Like many other coins from British origins, the version from the mid-1800s is the most popular. The image of George V is on one side. The other is engraved with St. George. In this image, St. George is riding a horse. He is killing a dragon as well. This is a unique image that coin collectors love. The engraving is complex artistry. Even though it represents British history, South Africans and foreigners alike love this coin.

South African Pond coins (link) are another great buy. Many consumers are not familiar with the coin as a collector’s item. That is a shame! This coin represents the most important parts of South African history. One version depicts the Anglo-Boer War, which was an important and bloody war. The president ordered coins to be minted. As a result, this coin shows the president and a coat of arms. A century later, the battle is often forgotten. Paul Kruger is known in history for South Africans, but not to foreigners. Still, this coin is a majestic war scene. That in itself makes it hold value.

Whatever your final choice is, this coin has many options. It could become a family heirloom for generations to come. It could become a display piece within your home. Or, it could be a store for a financial emergency. These coins are visually stunning with the imagery that is local to the region. If you are a fan of South African products, these are the coins to buy.

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