Opinion: FXGM ZA — A Complete Review

FXGM ZA a online trading broker

The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the largest of the world’s financial markets. It presents a lot of money-making opportunities. However, before you can participate in this profitable dynamic market, you need a standard and legitimate brokerage service provider.

FXGM ZA is a South African online Forex broker operating as a juristic representative of Unum Capital (Pty) Limited with headquarters in Pretoria.

Hence, it would help if you can take the time to explore its operations to decide if it will be your choice.

FXGM ZA: Trading Platform and Financial Products

A Forex broker is as good as its trading platform and the diversity of the asset classes it provides.  In this regard, FXGM ZA is a standard Forex broker. From its trading platform to its asset classes, the broker ensures that its clients have quality and wide choices at their beck and call.

The broker’s trading platform, known as PROfit, is provided in two forms: mobile and web. Both platforms are structured in such a way that trading activities are easy to do and generally user-friendly. The web-based trading platform effectively runs across multiple operating systems. Thus, notwithstanding the operating system your computer runs, you can always feel at ease that the broker’s trading platform will get your work done. Plus, it enables fast execution of trades and is furnished with a wide array of research and analysis tools.

Commendably, functionalities available on the web platform are successfully replicated on the mobile version, thereby ensuring the ability of clients to conduct their trading operations in an equally standard environment. The mobile trading platform enables 24/7 clients’ access to the market, allowing the execution of trades on the go. Hence, no matter where you are — in your room or at the beach — you can easily enter and exit trades and also monitor your positions.

Moreover, FXGM ZA offers over 140 trading instruments via its trading platform. In addition to multiple currency pairs, there are commodities, indices, options, and cryptocurrencies which you can easily access. The extensive catalogue of tradable products will enable you to utilize the diverse opportunities that financial markets provide in effective ways.

Learning Resources and Research and Analysis Tools

FXGM ZA offers to its clients a comprehensive trading school which houses highly informative learning resources presented in the forms of webinars and e-books. These materials are made available to clients at no cost to them and any trader, irrespective of the level of experience, will benefit from their insights.

Additionally, the broker offers access to real-time charts, financial news, technical indicators, and other useful tools for analyzing the market. There is an economic calendar which provides updates on economic and geopolitical events that can affect the market. Also, there is a market review section which feeds users daily with overviews, commentaries, and analyses about the market.

Benefits of Trading with FXGM ZA

Trading with FXGM ZA comes with a lot of advantages. In fact, in the long term, the broker will be the best decision you will make in your trading career. Far from being exhaustive, highlighted below are some of the benefits of opening an account with the broker:

·         Secure and Standard Trading Platform

When you become a client of the broker, you automatically have access to its standard, state-of-the-art trading platform. You will be able to trade a wide range of asset classes, enjoy fast execution of trades, and benefit from educational resources it provides. Also, with FXGM ZA, you would be getting online brokerage services that are secure and in line with the regulations of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

·         Comprehensive Educational Resources and Research Tools

As one of the perks of being FXGM ZA’s client, you will have free access to its trading school which offers informative educational resources. Besides, the broker provides a variety of tools for analyzing the market. You will have an economic calendar, real-time charts, and tens of technical indicators to guide you in your trades. These provisions of the broker, if diligently applied, will make you a well-rounded and successful participant of financial markets.

·         Multiple Account Options

Perhaps, the most notable benefit of being an FXGM ZA’s client is the multiple account options advantage. While most brokers provide a single type account, FXGM ZA has multiple account offerings to cater to different clients’ trading and capital needs. For instance, the Junior account type has a $200 minimum deposit requirement. Some of the other account types are Premium – $10 000 minimum deposit, VIP – $30 000 minimum deposit, Executive – $50 000 minimum deposit, and Royal – above $100 000 deposit. This multiple account type arrangement will ensure that you have different choices to pick from in accordance with your needs.

·         Helpful Customer Support

Overall, wide array of research and analysis tools might qualify as the best in the industry. It is provided through multiple channels such as phone, email, and live-chat support. Consequently, whenever you have any complaint or inquiry to make, you can easily get in touch. Also, in situations when the customer support team cannot be reached via one means, you have other means to get across to them.

As if that was not commendable enough, the broker also assigns a personal account manager to each of its new clients. This ensures that beginners have a partner to guide them through while they are still learning the trade.

Conclusion — Our Opinion

There you go! Those are the awesome services FXGM ZA has in stock for its clients. The broker is legitimate, conducting its operations in line with the regulations of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). As an authorized juristic of a FSCA-regulated broker, FXGM ZA keeps its clients’ funds in multiple, segregated accounts which is separate from the brokers own operating funds. Therefore, any deposit made with it is safe.

Moreover, its trading platform is standard and easy to use. Also, it offers a wide array of financial products to trade. In addition to the diverse research and analysis tools, the broker provides a trading school whose extensive resources you can use to learn. All these are aimed at boosting your chances of eventually becoming a successful Forex trader. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, FXGM ZA is a broker that is worth considering.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a sponsored post.

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Sibusiso Nkateka
Sibusiso Nkateka
4 years ago

I started trading with them recently and I am amazed how helpful they are. I managed to make 16 000 ZAR only for a month!!! Definitely would recommend to give it a try

3 years ago

Account manger always demanding u to add more money

3 years ago

stay away, I’m SERIOUS, if you want to your kiss your money goodbye, go-ahead, be my guest, try it and let me know or just stay way and thank me now or later, really, FXGMA, ATF Global, same Guys, Bforex same people…

3 years ago

regulation means nothing, if the trading platform is manipulated , they gain your confidence, in the first week or so,( PROFITS MOVE Up) depending how much money you have deposited, the more money, the longer they keep you their, but the inevitable happens and agony gets prolonged you will lose everything and try withdraw any profits and see, (aint nothing going to happen) excuses after excuses, eventually your account gets liquidated , like most scams they try to convince you to deposit money and get free bonuses , also they will ask you to refer people DONT!!! to join and scam those people , unless you what KNOW trading (experience) please STAYWAY !!

have compared a chart from a reputable site , investing.com and their trade platform chart does NOT tie up…

3 years ago

THEY operate out of Cyprus, they employees are from Malta, Bulgaria god knows where else…
I thought I was going to be assigned to someone based locally (BIG RED FLAG), never answers e-mail, (another RED Flag) call you but never ever responds on -e-mail , it might seem childish of me , I have dealt with 2 of them , GLBAL ATF is other same modus operandi they have whatsapp which works for sending documents and CC details, DON’T DO IT..

I think I have said enough now!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!