The Five Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Methods: Which Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Best for You

The Five Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Methods Which Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Best For You

Laser hair removal is probably the most sought-after hair removal treatment because this is the next best thing to permanent hair removal without the huge costs associated with electrolysis. Here’s a list of the five most popular laser hair removal methods that are considered both safe and effective on all skin types:

The Ultimate Light or Pulsated Light (IPL) Laser Hair Removal: The common laser hair removal machines that come under the IPL segment include Photoderm, Quantum, Vasculight, Aculight and Bareskin.

The beauty of IPL laser hair removal is it works efficiently on all skin types ranging from extremely white to black. The capabilities of each of the above-mentioned laser hair removal machines is however different and your doctor is going to choose one based on your expectations from the laser hair removal therapy.

If you are only looking to get rid of only unwanted hair, Bareskin would be the best option. However, if you are looking for a treatment for facial rosacea, leg veins, facial blood vessels and blood vessels on other parts of the body, PhotoDerm is going to be the best option for you. The Ultimate Light laser hair removal machine is supposedly the best of them all because it can treat all types of skin irrespective of skin colour and concentration of veins and hair.

The Diode Laser: The diode laser hair removal treatment is comparatively less costly compared to IPL laser hair removal, but is definitely a good option if it’s only unwanted hair removal that you are looking for. The wavelength of diode laser is 800 nm or 810 mm and it is because of this higher wavelength that the diode laser is capable of penetrating into individual hair follicles without causing any damage to the upper layers of the skin. The common diode laser removal systems include SL P 1000, Light Sheer, Apex 800, MeDiostar, F1 Diode, Epistar and LaserLite.

Because of the higher wavelength, the diode laser hair removal techniques are considered better by experts compared to the Alexandrite or Ruby hair removal techniques which don’t offer excellent results on darker skin.

So, the bottom line is, the diode laser hair removal technique is the best laser hair removal for darker skin technique.

  1. Nd: Yag: Over the last couple of years the Nd: Yag laser removal technique has become very popular in the United States and even though it offers satisfactory results as far as unwanted hair removal is concerned, there are not enough studies to prove that Nd: Yag is capable of offering long-term results.

The common Nd: Yag laser hair removal systems include Medlite IV, Athos, Lyra, Image, Varia and CoolGlide.

Even though Nd: Yag has been found to be an efficient laser hair removal technique that works fantastic on all six skin color types, it is hugely being promoted in the United States for use on darker skin colors. Nd: Yag also has a high wavelength which is pretty much similar to the diode laser.

  1. Ruby laser hair removal: Ruby is more often a pristine laser hair removal system and an advanced laser hair removal clinic wouldn’t advise its patients to go for Ruby laser hair removal because of its side effect profile. This laser hair removal technique has been known to produce frequent side effects that include pigmentary changes of the skin and minor skin burns and has been found to only work well in those patients who have extremely white skin.

The common Ruby laser hair removal machines are Palomar E2000 and Rubystar.

  1. Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Technique: Just like the Ruby laser hair removal technique, the alexandrite laser hair removal system also has skin pigmentation side effects and is usually not recommended in patients other than those having extremely white skin.
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