Tips for Trading Forex in South Africa

Tips for Trading Forex in South Africa

Forex trading started in South Africa in the 1980’s when the forex market started working in that region. During the period of 1987-1990, the forex trading started showing outstanding performance in the markets of South Africa. So far, it has gain more importance in that region and people are now well aware of it. They are investing more and earning great profits day by day. However, if you are new to this era, this article will help you a lot in context of trading forex in South Africa along with useful tips. Let’s start!

Tips for Trading Forex in South Africa

Tips for Trading Forex in South Africa:

If you want to go for trading forex in South Africa, it is important to follow the following simple steps as tips to go into the right direction.

  1. Choose a specific currency pair

The first step in trading forex requires you to decide a currency in which you want to continue trading forex. There are different brokers which offer different currencies for forex trading. Some of the most commonly used currencies involve the EUR, USD, and RAND if you are in South Africa. Rand is the South Africa’s national currency and if you select this currency, then it will be paired with other currencies. For example, the Rand may be paired up with ZAR/USD or EUR etc.

  1. Conduct a thorough analysis

It is very important to conduct an in-depth analysis before entering into the forex exchange market. A person with no knowledge of this era may end up making big losses and then regret for lifetime. In contrast, if you have enough knowledge about this field, you can become highly successful and make profits easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended to conduct thorough analysis about current trends in trading, historical price charts, policies, rules and regulations of local governments as well as of foreign governments. When you carefully analyze the trends and market situation, you can make better decisions about Trading Forex.

  1. Read the currency quotes

It is very important to read the currency quotes before you continue in this field. Currency quotes represent those prices that are given for different currency pairs in the forex exchange market. In every currency quote or currency price, you will see little variations between the selling price and buying price of a particular currency. These little variations are usually called “Spreads” which are usually set by the brokers. Different brokers may have different spreads, so the best tip is to always choose the broker that is offering you a fair price and high profit margin.

  1. Picking a desired position

The forth and most critical step is picking a desired position in the forex market. When we talk about trading forex, there are two types of positions offers. One is the buy position, and the second one is the sell position. You can choose any of the position on the basis of which one will be beneficial and profitable for you.

Tips for Choosing the Best Brokers in South Africa

Now you know the process of trading forex, but before you start, make sure to choose the best broker. In this article, you will learn about the best and top recommended brokers in South Africa. There are as follows as:

  • CM Trading
  • IQ Option
  • Plus500
  • AVA Trade
  • view all >

These are the top recommended brokers in South Africa, but make sure to look at the following tips before choosing one of them.

  • Research online trading and read about each one of them (brokers) before you select one.
  • Conduct a comparison between their buy and sell prices and figure out which one is offering the best price
  • Look at and read the other people reviews about online trading of each one of them.
  • Visit their websites, gain more knowledge, then make a final decision.

For more information and tips, or to get started trading Forex in South Africa, visit:


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