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PayDay Software Systems is a fully integrated Payroll, Human Capital and Time and Attendance software company that adds value to businesses via the application of a client-oriented and user-empowerment approach – transforming strategic processes into value-added functions. Designed to make work life and day to day office duties more streamlined and efficient – PayDay’s payroll software is the way of the future.

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Interacting with a great payroll system that is simple to use and suits every aspect of your business is key to having a simplified approach to month-end processes and other important admin work that can be time-consuming. We’ve made payroll easy by introducing an easy-to-use software that you can rely on.

Our PayDay software offering provides end-users with an accurate, legislatively compliant and user-friendly payroll system. It can function perfectly on its own or it can be integrated with our HR software.

A few core features of our Payroll Software include:

  • Realtime concept.
  • Produces IRP5’s and IT3(a)’s, as well as an electronic file to SARS i.e. the e@syFile system.
  • Produces statistical reports such as an IOD, UIF, Skills and PAYE.
  • The tax and net salary are updated immediately upon entering earnings and deductions on the live Payslip Screen.
  • Produces salary scales with notches and an automatic increase.
  • Automated package calculations can be created.

In today’s world, modern businesses tend to shy away from figuring out complicated new systems that don’t do exactly what they need it to do. PayDay Software Systems, however, provides a payroll system that is superb in every way. It can be integrated into most existing setups and have multiple features which allows the client more options than they would otherwise have had.

Our Payroll Modules include:

  • Third party payments module: This solution offers clients an alternative to processing third party payments via their financial systems.
  • Budget module: Offers a budgeting solution for budgeted vacant posts and filled posts.
  • General ledger interfaces: Provides a seamless interface between the payroll and the financial expenditure system.
  • Time and attendance interfaces: An interface between PayDay’s payroll and any existing time and attendance system on the market.
  • Photo module: For security and recognition purposes, this module allows the attachment of a photo to an employee record.
  • Third party HR system interfaces: Provides an interface between the payroll and other HR Systems.

Payroll software not only saves time and money, but it is also a great way to stay ahead of trends and ensure that your HR and Finance departments function as effectively as possible.

Follow the link below to hear what PayDay’s CEO, Nigel Bird has to say about PayDay’s full-service offering:

Trusted by more than 3500 corporate businesses across Africa and almost 50% of local government within South Africa, you can be sure that PayDay Software Systems will lead your business in the right direction. Visit for more information.

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