5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to an HP Laptop

Reasons Why You Should Switch to an HP Laptop


Of all the different laptop brands on the market, HP laptops are especially known for their versatility, quality build, and vast range of different products. HP laptops cater for every individual need and objective of consumers from simple computing to high-end tasks such as gaming and business.

HP laptops are widely available from distributors in South Africa, with PC International as the leading online one-stop provider of a variety of computational solutions and services.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to HP

Reasons Why You Should Switch to an HP Laptop

Reputable Brand Name

HP has been one of the top computer manufacturers in the world for decades, despite the competitors and rapidly evolving digital world. HP has remained ahead in the game, and it has built a lasting reputation for ensuring reliable, high-quality computers.


Despite rising innovations from competitors and fast-paced technological changes and advancements, HP continues to be at the forefront where the personal computer (PC) market is concerned.

HP has a healthy combination of overall review scores, great designs, and a wide range of options for each price range, solidifying HP’s position as a market leader.

Amazing Designs

HP is especially known for making machines that are beautiful, classy, and attractive. From the entry-level Pavillion to the Zbook and EliteBook business line, nearly every machine is a stunner.

A Computer for Every Type of Consumer

As result of the large portfolio that HP offers, in addition to its established strength in the market, there is a machine for every consumer and their unique needs and objectives. Whether consumers are looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable option, or for a powerful machine for business or gaming, HP has the solution.

Helpful, Dedicated Support

HP laptops are known for being reliable but for anyone encountering an issue, HP has a great support team that is more than equipped to help their consumers out. Whether it is a general query, a repair or technical issue, HP customer support is more than willing and able to help.

Reliability is a necessity

HP takes reliability of their machines seriously and throughout their decades in operation, HP has refined its manufacturing and design process. This ensures that only the best products are delivered and that they are geared towards being long-lasting.

There is no better proof of the reliability of HP than the military testing that many machines undergo. Some of these tests include being dropped from specific heights onto all sides, angles, and edges, being exposed to different shocks, temperatures, altitudes, and humidity.


A laptop is only as good as the security behind it and HP takes this to the next level with an array of innovations to ensure that consumer data and information remain secure. Some of these innovations include:

  • HP Sure Start
  • HP Sure Run
  • HP Sure Recover
  • HP Sure Click
  • HP Sure View

State-of-the-art Innovation

HP provides machines that consumers can rely on, and HP laptops are also popular for the new and improved technologies to increase and guarantee the best user experience.

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